New Group for descendants of John Daniel Malan

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john daniel malan headstone

John Daniel Malan was a great father, grandfather, pioneer, missionary and leader. Those of his descendants who would like to learn more about him, his family and his circumstances, trials and story are invited to join a new private group at

This group is focused on family history specifically related to John Daniel Malan and his deceased descendants and is only open to direct descendants. Please include your relationship to John Daniel Malan when applying for the group. PM @Traek if you have any questions or ask for help on Facebook at

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Like Us on Facebook

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facebook_logoThanks to @Wendy for kicking things off, we now have our family’s own Facebook page at Make sure to stop on by and hit ‘Like’ so you can stay up on family events. In fact, you can get details for the 2013 John Daniel Malan Family Reunion (more to come on MFC in the future).

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Malan Family Community now open for blogging

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I think I’ve spent enough time playing with the new security features on this blog and am excited to see if it actually works out. For now, I’m turning on the user signup for Malans and their decedents to join our community and also set up their own family’s blog. Please send me a private message (@Traek) if you have any specific plugins, features you want or if you’d like to have your own domain name hosted here).

If you don’t know the sign-up question, please feel free to email me at traek at malan family dot com. Happy blogging!

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New Website

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After several attempts at a website for the Malan family, I pretty much gave up. Either we had a lot of interest and no traction, or what I did set up was too hard for people to figure out how to use. The last site hit almost 250 users inside of two weeks but every single one of them were sploggers. I tried keeping it clean for a while but it quickly outlived its usefulness as no one in the family signed up or — as far as I know — even visited the site.

I put the site in ‘Maintenance’ mode for the better part of a year while I happily used as nothing more than my personal email domain (Google Apps if anyone cares). Finally, while working on a client’s WordPress site, I came across a nice utility that combats sploggers in WordPress called WangGuard. It worked wonders for my customer so I’ve decided to give WordPress/buddyPress one more shot on

If it no one else but my wife and kids end up putting something on here, so long as the sploggers stay at bay, I really don’t care! Let’s just see how it goes…

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